Kinsbourne Common Hall, Harpenden

This form is only for booking one-off events. If you have any other queries or want to enquire about a regular booking, please use the queries form.

To check that the slot you want is available, please see the calendar. To work out the cost of the hire, please see the Hire Rates page, though we will confirm the price before your booking is confirmed.

Note that we retain the data submitted on this form, for the purpose of record keeping of bookings and requests. If you do not agree to this, please do not complete the form.

The ONLY way to make a booking is to contact the bookings manager using this form. We aim to respond quickly, though bear in mind that the hall is run by unpaid volunteers in their spare time, so it may take a few days or, during holidays, weeks. If you need an urgent booking, you may be better choosing a different venue.

Before completing the form, please read the Standard Conditions for Hire and the associated terms and conditions (click the file to download it: hireagreement.pdf)

Requesting a booking does not guarantee a slot. Your booking is only confirmed when we explicitly say so, which is usually when you have received written confirmation containing our e-mail invoice and you have made cleared payment.

All hires will be at our sole discretion. Hires will not be permitted if, in our sole opinion, we have particular reason to think that it is likely that the hire will result in excessive noise, disturbance of neighbours, underage alcohol consumption, drug consumption or sale, or anything else which might be unlawful or illegal, a potential breach of our lease obligations or contrary to the objectives and values of the Scout Movement. The latter condition excludes use by organisations that are discriminatory. We will not hire the hall for political uses. We are not obligated to give a reason for declining a hire.


We retain all data regarding bookings for at least 6 years (as recommended by the Charity Commission). Such data is stored in password protected cloud storage. Banks and paypal will also store data about transactions.


Covid-19 update

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